The high price of smuggling in Southeast Asia

AAP Reporters

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SYDNEY: The facts on smuggling in Southeast Asia


- Fees charged for smuggling voyages to and within Southeast Asia vary widely

- Migrants can pay very little, a few hundred dollars or less, for overland parts of their journeys

- Those who travel by boat pay more, with longer voyages often costing thousands of dollars

- End-to-end smuggling services can cost $10,000 for air travel and forged documents


- Smuggling from various countries to Indonesia.

- Australia's military operation to turn back boats filled with migrants from Indonesia has cut that route

- Travel by land from Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Myanmar to Thailand

- Smuggling by sea, then land from Bangladesh and Myanmar to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, which has often been just the start of planned journeys to other countries

- Smuggling by land and air from various Southeast Asia countries to North America and Europe.