Australia’s Operation Sovereign Borders in dollars

AAP Reporters

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The number of asylum-seeker boats arriving in Australian waters has dwindled to zero, but the cost of maintaining operations has run into the billions.

CANBERRA, Australia AAP - The figures on stopping the boats:

* $A3.5 billion (2.3 billion euro) - the amount the Australian government says its stop-the-boats policy launched in 2013 has saved taxpayers 

* $A78.6 million (52.48 million euro) - annual Operation Sovereign Borders funding detailed in a 2013 budget update

* $A9.6 billion (6.4 billion euro) - what a report by Save the Children estimates has been spent on offshore processing, onshore mandatory detention and boat turnbacks between 2013-16

* $A5.7 billion (3.79 billion euro) - what Save the Children estimates Operation Sovereign Borders will cost over the next four years

* $A2.15 billion (1.84 billion euro) - what the 2015/16 budget papers say overall expenses in the immigration area would fall to

* $A6.8 billion (4.5 billion euro) - what a 2016 independent consultant's report predicts funding for the department would drop to in 2016/17.