About Us

Global Minds Spotlight is an online media outlet allowing different points of view and interests to find their voice in hopes of a new and better understanding of our world’s reality.

Originally founded as a media to talk about the immense problem our world is suffering with people smuggling, and after a short hiatus, we have now reactivated so that it becomes more than just a spotlight, but actually, a lighthouse to help improve people’s lives thanks to the collaboration of new and emerging thought leaders around the globe.

What is improving people’s lives? I mean it in the broadest of senses. Be it mindfulness, how to make more money and get rich, or just inspire you with the stories we can find everywhere, the list is endless.

Join us on this road and let us inspire you to transform your life so that you can help transform the world into a better version. Keep on reading, and share our stories with your friends, families, or networks.

Rodrigo Juliani, Chief Editor @ https://www.mindsglobalspotlight.com/

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